Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dinner at Babanusa

So, these are a little overdue, but here are a few pics of dinner at Babanusa. It was my very first Sudanese meal, and I found it really interesting, and very yummy. The pumpkin and peanut dip was such a strange taste combination, but totally irresistable. We had a few interesting conversations about Sudanese cuisine, and I learnt that Adelaide has the largest Sudanese community outside of Sudan. Cool, hey?

An out-of-focus pic of Tom and Emily, which I find strangely appealing :-)

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Emily and Jonny (and the waitress in the background) at Babanusa.
There seems to be an awful lot of wine glasses on the table... I don't remember drinking that much... it must have been Emily... it's always the quiet ones.
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Margie-Mark at Babanusa
Sorry Mag, I know you hate that name, but I just think it's so cute!... like you :-P
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