Monday, June 18, 2007

What happened to eating in to save money?

Ok, this is not really very significant, but I've just realised that we didn't eat one single meal at home over the weekend. Not one. Not even a breakfast. (I don't think the cup of tea before yoga on Saturday morning counts, right?) Is that bad? I'm trying hard to budget after the overseas cash splash that was my four weeks in Turkey, but my money disappears on food and drinks without me even realising it! Friday night - Korean, Saturday lunch - Japanese, Saturday dinner - pizza, Sunday brunch - non cuisine specific breakfast food, Sunday dinner - Szechwan. And I think we're going out for Pho for dinner tonight. Ai.
On the upside, all this food has been incredibly tasty and I enjoyed every last bite (except for maybe the slightly odd corn tea at KimChi Grandma, but that was a sip rather than a bite) so I guess it's not all bad.
Maybe I should copy Emily and do a restaurant review. Hmm...

Oh, BTW, I'm back, if that wasn't already obvious. Will post pics of the epic adventure sometime soon :-)

Monday, May 14, 2007

How's this for an awesome pic?!

Everyone, I'd like you to meet my Dad. All say: "Hello, John!"

He's really a very clever fellow. I guess that's where I get it from :-P

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I heart yoga

So, I went to my first formal yoga class in over 12 months on Saturday morning.
It was so, so good.
It's a school of yoga I hadn't heard much about before, called Yoga In Daily Life. I checked out their website and thought it seemed interesting and definitely worth a try. I nearly piked at the last minute when I started thinking: I won't be as flexible as I was, and I don't want to be the new person in the class, which is just dumb, because how will I ever start anything if I'm not the new person occasionally, and the clear way to develop flexibility again is going back to yoga of course!
So I went.
And I am so, so glad.
The teacher for that day was a lady of about 40 or so with steely grey hair in a long plait, wearing embroidered fisherman pants, which was a good sign (fisherman pants seem to be strange indicator of whether I will get along with someone). The class space was gorgeous! We were on the first floor of a converted shop/house with big windows along the north facing wall letting beautiful morning light fall in on us *sigh* and birds in the trees outside singing away (I swear I am not making this up). And that's all before the actual class! Which was amazing! So perfectly, exactly what I needed. Some new poses that I enjoyed learning, and some old favourites that were good to gauge where my standard has dropped to. I was happily surprised to find I am still quite flexible. My balance is completely shocking tho. I could barely manage a decent tree pose. And forget shutting my eyes. But now I have something to work towards, which is great! I really, really pushed myself and pulled focus from somewhere I thought I had lost and found lots of long forgotten muscles. And it felt so good. So totally, wonderfully fantastic.

There is nothing quite like rediscovering something you once loved but drifted away from, only to find you love it just as much as before, if not a little more this time around :-)

Happy, happy, happy. I will definitely be going back next Saturday morning :-)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Aussie Day

So, Australia Day was my first Public Holiday (aside from Chrissy and New Year's) that is actually a holiday for me. Yay! So I was very, very looking forward to it :-) and boy did it deliver. I had such a lovely, relaxing three days. Ahhh. I'm going to gloss over the fact that the holiday was in celebration of the invasion and overthrow of an ancient people by my colonial ancestors and just say: Gee, It's good to be an Aussie otherwise I might be lynched.
Went to a really fun house warming in St Kilda on Saturday night where I caught up with some work people and met some new people, so that was all good. What was not good was the evening descending to Spice Girls karaoke at about 1am. Ergh. I can't believe I know so many of those songs. *cringe*
Caught up with Kati B on Sunday, so I could give her just one last hug before she and Beej head overseas. Exciting! I also managed to buy two new dresses and a jacket and a cardi/shrug. Oops. So much for budgeting :-S

PS - retrospective posting of Halloween, Carols, Christening and Christmas are still to come when pics are off camera onto comp.