Monday, June 05, 2006

Overdue update time...


I've moved to Melbourne :-D

I'm working for Monash Uni. My new job and workmates are awesome.

I miss my friends and I miss the familiarity of Adelaide,

But I am absolutely loving it over here! I haven't had enough time to get homesick yet, so here's hoping I stay busy.

I put in an application for a gorgeous little apartment in St Kilda! You can see the beach from the bedroom window! Uber cool.

So, yeah, that's my news.
I have a very strange sense of being super busy and a bit overwhelmed, but am also feeling very happy and peaceful about where I'm at right now.

It looks like the move to a new city was just what I needed :o)

PS - I'm posting on LJ slightly more regularly than on blogspot, so it might be worth checking for updates there...