Monday, June 18, 2007

What happened to eating in to save money?

Ok, this is not really very significant, but I've just realised that we didn't eat one single meal at home over the weekend. Not one. Not even a breakfast. (I don't think the cup of tea before yoga on Saturday morning counts, right?) Is that bad? I'm trying hard to budget after the overseas cash splash that was my four weeks in Turkey, but my money disappears on food and drinks without me even realising it! Friday night - Korean, Saturday lunch - Japanese, Saturday dinner - pizza, Sunday brunch - non cuisine specific breakfast food, Sunday dinner - Szechwan. And I think we're going out for Pho for dinner tonight. Ai.
On the upside, all this food has been incredibly tasty and I enjoyed every last bite (except for maybe the slightly odd corn tea at KimChi Grandma, but that was a sip rather than a bite) so I guess it's not all bad.
Maybe I should copy Emily and do a restaurant review. Hmm...

Oh, BTW, I'm back, if that wasn't already obvious. Will post pics of the epic adventure sometime soon :-)