Saturday, February 25, 2006

mmm, just stuff

In this crazy tumultuous world we live in, it is great to know that some things are still constant:
- no matter how good a multi-tasker one might be, trying to laugh and drink Smirnoff Double Black simultaneously will result in all sorts of nasty, choking mess
- any gathering involving more than about ten choristers and some alcohol will generally yield Morals Report worthy quotes (eg, "Well, whose getting off first then?" from a suspisciously sober alto :-P )
- going to the Central Market and eating a Zuma's 'Full-on' breakfast at 1pm on a Saturday is an awesome start to the weekend


Alice said...

Mmmm....breakfast was wonderful. We must do it again some time!


Molly said...

Yeah, breakfast was sooo yummy.
I'm definitely keen to go again... especially if I can have your mushrooms :-P