Friday, July 23, 2010

Belgian Beer Cafe, Moules marinière

My 6 month PhD review went really well. I was worried I was going to get quizzed about why I am doing a theoretical PhD but the review panel seemed happy. To be honest I was hoping that they would say how impressed they were with progress I've made so far... full of my own importance much? Ha. Anyway, it went well, and to celebrate my office mate, Brad, took me out to The Belgian Beer Cafe for lunch.
Yum! I couldn't beLIEve the giant pile of mussels in my pot! I had the The Moules marinier, it was delicious, but boy was there a lot white wine in that stock. Lots of wine, lots of herbs (dried) and lots and lots of mussels. The mussels were served with the signature Belgian frittes & mayo and really excellent bread, which I of course used to soak up the delicious mussel, wine & herb stock. At $27 it's not a cheap lunch, but you could quite easily share with a friend (if your friend isn't a happy vegetarian, like Brad).

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