Monday, February 21, 2011

Cafe Vue Lunch-box - February 2011

Cafe Vue Lunch-box, February 2011, $15

Starter Brandade (with potato crisps)  
Salad Orecchiette, broccoli & Toulouse sausage 
Savoury Tuna, crispy capers & mayonnaise on olive ciabatta 
Sweet Yuzu meringue

This month's Lunch-box was a good one! I've never had Brandade before, but its similar to a fishy rillette and according to the source of all knowledge (Wikipedia) normally made with cod and served with bread. The Vue brandade was paired with their house-made potato crisps, which were salty, oily and very moreish. The salad of orecchiette pasta with teeny pieces of broccoli and cubes of french pork sausage was delicious, if a little pasta heavy. I would have preferred a greater ratio of broccoli and sausage pieces to pasta pieces, but on the whole good. The olive ciabatta was tasty and dense, but I was a bit ho-hum about the filling: tinned tuna, mayo and shredded iceberg lettuce. I know I shouldn't have been expecting fresh tuna, but a small part of me had hoped. I don't know about the pairing of the tuna with the olive bread - I think I would have preferred the veggo option, which was filled with goats cheese. The sweet was, as always, divine: fluffy sweet meringue and tangy yuzu curd made for a delicious yuzu meringue. 

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