Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I heart yoga

So, I went to my first formal yoga class in over 12 months on Saturday morning.
It was so, so good.
It's a school of yoga I hadn't heard much about before, called Yoga In Daily Life. I checked out their website and thought it seemed interesting and definitely worth a try. I nearly piked at the last minute when I started thinking: I won't be as flexible as I was, and I don't want to be the new person in the class, which is just dumb, because how will I ever start anything if I'm not the new person occasionally, and the clear way to develop flexibility again is going back to yoga of course!
So I went.
And I am so, so glad.
The teacher for that day was a lady of about 40 or so with steely grey hair in a long plait, wearing embroidered fisherman pants, which was a good sign (fisherman pants seem to be strange indicator of whether I will get along with someone). The class space was gorgeous! We were on the first floor of a converted shop/house with big windows along the north facing wall letting beautiful morning light fall in on us *sigh* and birds in the trees outside singing away (I swear I am not making this up). And that's all before the actual class! Which was amazing! So perfectly, exactly what I needed. Some new poses that I enjoyed learning, and some old favourites that were good to gauge where my standard has dropped to. I was happily surprised to find I am still quite flexible. My balance is completely shocking tho. I could barely manage a decent tree pose. And forget shutting my eyes. But now I have something to work towards, which is great! I really, really pushed myself and pulled focus from somewhere I thought I had lost and found lots of long forgotten muscles. And it felt so good. So totally, wonderfully fantastic.

There is nothing quite like rediscovering something you once loved but drifted away from, only to find you love it just as much as before, if not a little more this time around :-)

Happy, happy, happy. I will definitely be going back next Saturday morning :-)


Margie said...

I don't get yoga. I am glad you do though.

I have fishermans pants :)

I am goign to wear them to womad. I'm such a weekend-hippie. Haha.

Molly said...

We could go when you're in Melbourne if you like? You might grow to love it? Or just strain something and hate me for dragging you along...

See! You own fisherman pants and I like you!! The strike rate on this is 100% so far :-P

There's nothing wrong with weekend hippie! I'm not sure that management in either of our workplaces would tolerate weekday fisherman pants wearing.

m∃ said...

I don't have fisherman's pants, and you like me right? Although I would like some...does that count?

I like yoga too. I keep thinking that I should start again, but it's about $15 here as well and the stingy in me keeps hesitating. $15 is a lot for a class with more than 4 people in it.

Molly said...

Of COURSE I like you! Not having fisherman pants doesn't mean I not like you, it's just that if you _do_ have them then I probably _do_ like you :o)

Yeah, I had forgotten how much I liked it. Well, it isn't cheap, but yoga is an investment in your health and well being as well as being fun, so I tend to think it's a pretty good deal.
Have I told you that my dentist told me to go yoga? He's very big on holistic health.