Monday, January 29, 2007

Aussie Day

So, Australia Day was my first Public Holiday (aside from Chrissy and New Year's) that is actually a holiday for me. Yay! So I was very, very looking forward to it :-) and boy did it deliver. I had such a lovely, relaxing three days. Ahhh. I'm going to gloss over the fact that the holiday was in celebration of the invasion and overthrow of an ancient people by my colonial ancestors and just say: Gee, It's good to be an Aussie otherwise I might be lynched.
Went to a really fun house warming in St Kilda on Saturday night where I caught up with some work people and met some new people, so that was all good. What was not good was the evening descending to Spice Girls karaoke at about 1am. Ergh. I can't believe I know so many of those songs. *cringe*
Caught up with Kati B on Sunday, so I could give her just one last hug before she and Beej head overseas. Exciting! I also managed to buy two new dresses and a jacket and a cardi/shrug. Oops. So much for budgeting :-S

PS - retrospective posting of Halloween, Carols, Christening and Christmas are still to come when pics are off camera onto comp.

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