Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Belgian Beer Cafe

The weather on the weekend was so lovely and spring-time-ish, we decided to walk to the Belgian Beer Cafe to enjoy the sunshine and a few ciders. 
I couldn't resist taking photos of some of the blossoms we walked past on our way: 

I don't know what this tree is but the blossoms are so pretty! 
I don't know what this one is either, but so many blossoms!!! And such beautiful spring-time sky! 

The outside space was crazy busy - not a seat or a piece of grass free for us, so we did the logical thing and joined the incredibly long line for the bar to order drinks! 

We tried the Rekorderlig Apple Cider and the Monteith's Apple and Pear ciders.

The Monteith's was perfectly decent, but there wasn't a great depth of flavour in either the pear or the apple, in fact, the two ciders tasted pretty similar. The Rekorderlig, however, was just delicious. Incredibly fruity but still clean and not overly sweet, and frighteningly easy to drink. According to their website, Rekorderlig is "Made from Pure Swedish spring water that runs directly under the brewery in Vimmerby Sweden". It is also officially my new favourite drink, and just in time for summer! I was super happy to discover that Dan Murphy stocks Rekorderlig, but tragically only the Apple and Pear varieties, not the delicious sounding Strawberry & Lime *pout* 

We also had some of the traditional Belgian Frites and Mayonnaise, but they were so moorish they were all gone before I took a pic of them! 

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m∃ said...

Oh man, how delicious is that Rekorderlig stuff! Tastes like sunshine. =)