Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miss Jackson

Earlier this week I took advantage of the fact that my PhD supervisor was going to be out of the office for a Whole Day by taking myself off to brunch, as you do :) I love going out for brunch, but D loves to sleep in on the weekends, and I mean, really sleep in. By the time he's ready to leave the house it's firmly lunch time, and often very busy at the popular spots that I want to go to. So I thought that a week day all to myself was just the right time to try out a St Kilda cafe that I have been meaning to visit for ages.

Miss Jackson, 
on the corner of Grey and Jackson streets, is easy walking distance from our apartment. The entrance is off Jackson street and through the courtyard, which was unfortunately full even on that random week-day morning, so I can only imagine how busy it must be on weekends. I wandered inside past the coffee machine and pastries on display (the staff didn't do a great job of welcoming me, but weren't exactly rude) and took a seat inside against the window, with loads of beautiful light shining in. 

The menu, while not huge, was long enough to leave me agonizing over decisions. I had heard great things about the corn fritters, the pancakes and homemade crumpets both sounded treaty and delicious, but I really love house-made hash browns, which swung it in favour of the leek and potato hash with smoked trout and poached egg. There was a bit of a wait for my meal (long enough to read the Frankie magazine on the communal magazine rack) but when it arrived, it was absolutely worth it. 

Leek and potato hash with smoked trout and poached egg, $16-ish, Miss Jackson

The menu hadn't mentioned it but the dish came with some lovely fresh herbs - more than a garnish, less than a salad - and the dill, mint and parsley really lifted the whole dish. The hash was a dense disk of potato cubes and leek, crispy and golden on the outside and not at all oily - yum yum yum. Piled on top, the smoked trout was very moist and flavourful, and a generous portion too. The poached egg on top of the trout was cooked just to my liking with a firm white and almost completely runny yolk. With the aforementioned herbs, the elements of the dish all came together wonderfully, and it is easily one of the nicest breakfasts I have eaten in a long time. 

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