Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well, this is ridiculous. It seems that I cannot study for my PhD full-time, work in two different jobs a day a week each, AND keep up to day with my poor, neglected blog (not to mention my neglected husband, family, friends, housework, exercise and artistic and spiritual enrichment. ai ai ai!)
I will try harder, I promise. 
Here's a quickie to get the ball rolling again, stolen borrowed from my wonderful friend Zhiying's gorgeous style blog:

Getting to know you

current location:: Melbourne, Australia
day job:: Public Health lecturer
dream job:: critically acclaimed author
i love:: polka dots, English Breakfast tea, books, picnics and pedicures 
favorite city:: Melbourne for living. Istanbul for traveling. Paris for dreaming. 
favorite thing in my wardrobe:: Hermes scarf from my husband :)
favorite way to procrastinate:: cooking blogs, especially smittenkitchen
favorite every-day read:: Jezebel
something you're looking forward to this week:: going to Vue de Monde for a thirTEEN course degustation dinner with my hubby tomorrow night. yes, it's costing us way, way, WAY too much money, but we're celebrating D's 30th, and it's been on his bucket list since forever, so... speaking of bucket list...
something on your bucket list:: learn to play the cello

For anyone out there reading, I'd love it if you would copy and paste the questions into the comments section and fill in your own answers :) 

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