Thursday, November 24, 2011

New fave websites

I'm not really much of a "Cat person". I like kittens, but who doesn't like kittens? Cats, however, I am not completely sold on. They are so self-sufficient I feel like I'm a bit redundant in the me + cat relationship, and they're so mercenary about getting what they want out of you I feel as though when they do want me, they're taking advantage. I am a "Dog person". My husband, however, is firmly a "Cat person". He has a lovely black and white called Evie who was rescued from the pound after being dumped by her previous owners who abused her. Evie is indeed self-sufficient and mercenary, and D loves dearly, and I love him dearly. So, to make my meaning clear, I am not necessarily a "Cat person" but I am absolutely a "Boys who love cats person". Savvy? Hence, my new favourite wesbite:

Look at this: 
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Even I, horrible non-cat-loving lady am not immune to such intense cuteness :D

Close runner up for newly discovered website that makes me go Awwwww, behold the awesomeness that is

Ahh, Neville Longbottom. FIghting Lord V in a cardie never looked so good :D 
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I have my fingers firmly crossed that the Bond franchise keeps going long enough for Matt Lewis to have a crack at playing Bond, James Bond :D 


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